Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekend Review

This has been another speedy week and then weekend.  Sorry for the lack of posts once again.  Little girl, work, and life are just keeping me pretty busy.

Here's a recap of our weekend in pictures.

When I got in my car after school on Friday, it was 102.  HOT!

I wasn't feeling amazing and really craving some good 'ole chicken noodle soup with saltines, so my sweet husband made it happen.

It was too hot to do much else, so Friday night was spent chilling in our pjs.

Saturday morning, we watched The Pioneer Woman, notice her bracelet, you'll see more of those.

We took some extra long naps.

We woke up happy and with some bed head.  Also, my husband and I both have dark hair and green eyes, where this blue-eyed blond came from, I have no idea.

We took selfies.

On Sunday, we looked extra cute for church (bracelet is on, but barely visible.)

We went to Matt's parents and celebrated Matt's birthday with Chipotle

and cake.

We raided Aunt Natalie's room and played with all her accessories.

Bracelet overload, the girl loves her bracelets!

With Monday morning our weekend was over, but we did get to see our neighborhood pet fox.

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  1. Awwww she is wearing my jewelry and my old orange sunglasses!!