Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap

We had a great, relaxing, mellow weekend.
Friday we stayed at home most of the day and just practiced looking cute.

It was overcast and in the 80's, but I was determined to go to the pool on my last weekend before school starting.  It ended up warming up and being beautiful.  We had a great time!

Friday night (this mama doesn't cook on Fridays), we ordered a pizza and spent the evening chilling out.

Saturday, we had a relaxing morning with a pancake breakfast at home.
I ran off to go to a co-worker's wedding in the afternoon.
Blair practiced hugging.

We also gave blankey lots of love.

I made tuna, bacon, avocado sandwiches for dinner.

Blair preferred her bread over anything else.  Carbs win!

Sunday morning, we headed to church in our cute, little romper.
Actions shots are all we get these days.

After church, Blair took a nice, long nap.  We had some lunch, and then this mama escaped to the pool alone for a couple hours.  AMEN to actually being able to lay out and read.  Plus, I had the place to myself...pretty much, my mama did join me though.

When I came home, we went on a family run.  It was hot, I thought I was going to die.  I don't like running.  That's all.

We finished the weekend with dinner with my papa, my parents, and my aunt and uncle.  
Now, lunches are packed, diaper bag and teacher bag ready, and Real Housewives is a rollin on the TV.  Party on!

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