Thursday, August 28, 2014

Weekend Recap

So I'm a terrible blogger and it's been a full week since I have updated.
I guess this will just be the blog of weekend recaps.

Just kidding, I'll get better, this was the first week of school, so I was busy getting back in the swing of things.  Also, nothing really exciting happened.  It's hard to blog when you just go to school and home to crash.  Nobody wants to read that!

Anyway, this weekend we started with a Friday night dinner with my grandpa and my side of the family.  We usually do this on Sunday, but switched it up this week.  It was a nice way to finish the work week.

Saturday morning and afternoon I worked on a project to clean up and utilize the area above our washer and dryer.  I covered copy paper boxes with contact paper.  Here's the end result.  Looks good and more storage too since they can stack.

Saturday night, I was my mother-in-law's date to the Art Feeds Gala.  For those of you not from around here, Art Feeds is an art program that helps foster creativity to help students heal, especially after traumatic events.  They had been working in Joplin before the tornado, but really took off in Joplin schools after that.  They have since gone national and expanded to other communities.  The founder, Meg, and her family are good friends with my in-laws.  It was their goal to raise $50,000 during the night and ended up with $55,000!
Everyone was supposed to wear primary colors.  It was a lot of fun, here are some pictures from the night.

I may have gotten a tattoo....or not....

Sunday morning, we headed off to church.  Then, Blair took a monster nap.
Once she finally woke up, we had lunch and headed off to meet my mom and dad at the pool.  We came home and she was nice and tired for another long nap.  We ended the weekend with Chinese and the Chiefs.
Blair was ready to cheer them on....yes, she is wearing a sports bra.  Yes, she is nuts.

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