Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review-The Astronaut Wives Club

I thought I'd start doing some book reviews once I actually finished some books.  I'm finding it's harder and harder to find time to sit and read now, but oh how I love it when I do.  
Recently, I read The Astronaut Wives Club: A True Story by Lily Koppel
I may not have picked this book up on my own, but my Kindle is linked to my moms, so anytime she buys a book, it's on mine.  So most of the time, I just pick something random on there, because most likely I'll like it.  She's like my personal book shopper.

My dad has his private pilots license and I grew up flying in small planes with him.  Therefore, all things aeronautic (including space) have always been a topic of conversation in my house.  So I brought some background knowledge of some of these early astronauts, but not much.  I don't read non-fiction much, but I really liked this book.  It was easy to read and was just filled with juicy stories about their lives.  It got a little hard to keep all the wives straight as it followed different generations, but it was still fun.  I am always so intrigued by women in the 50's and 60's and what their lives must have been like.  I think part of me thinks I should have been born in that generation and love all the old fashioned values but at the same time, it seems like a lot of work and doing it all in heels and dresses.  

Anyway, this was an easy read and I enjoyed it.  Supposedly, ABC is making it into a TV show with JoAnna Garcia Swisher from Reba, so that'll be fun to watch.  It says it's a limited 10 episodes, so I'm not sure if it'll be around for long, but if you want to learn about the wives perspective of this part of our nation's history, check it out.

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