Monday, September 8, 2014

I'm Baaack (and weekend recap)

Sorry, I kinda took a week off there.
I didn't really have a lot to talk about or going on other than just normal life.
Also, I was being lazy, let's be honest.

Well another weekend has come and gone.
Thursday night, Little Miss decided to throw up for the first time.  Poor baby had a fever.  We kept an eye on her and she only got sick the one time.  I went ahead and went to work on Friday and sent her to my mother-in-law's.  Her fever got up to about 100 and she had a few rather nasty diapers.  Poor thing.

After school, on Friday, we had some major snuggle time.  My mom felt bad for Blair, so she came over with a present.  Little Bits now has a purse. 
We were thinking about going to the high school football game, but since Little Miss wasn't feeling good and it was pretty hot out, we decided not to.  Also, these lovely clouds rolled in and the game ended up being delayed 2 hours.  Oh, Missouri.  
Our high school team (my alma mater) has won 1,99903,03003 state championships (really, it's like 12, second most in history or something)  Everyone goes to the games, so it's fun, we haven't been in a few years.  I think Blair would like the band and just all the stuff to look at, but I know she wouldn't sit still long, so I just watched it online instead.

Saturday morning, Little Miss seemed to feel better and her fever was down.  We spent the day at home watching Matt's college alma mater Mizzou.  
I met a friend at an ice cream parlor during Blair's nap to talk through a baby shower we are throwing next weekend.  We had Chipotle for dinner and called it a night.

Sunday, we headed off to church.  Then, came home and Blair took a nice, long nap.  
We also tried on some new clothes.
Practiced our new scowl face
Sat in a diaper box.
Then, we went to Matt's parents so he could help tear up their deck.  Blair took a nap while we were there, so I sneaked out to run a few errands child free.  We ended the weekend with our Sunday night dinner with my family celebrating my mom's birthday.

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